Doxy please email me

I love the idea of Doxy.

And I am creating a tele-clinic and want Doxy as my video provider.

But I cannot find a way to get someone from Doxy to call me?

I had an individual free subscription that had poor quality, but reliably poor.

I bought a professional subscription and in the 2 months that I had it, sometimes it was great and sometimes - about 50% of the time - my patient was unable to hear me at all. The rest of the time was good quality.

I’ve been unable to find ANYone to help me. I have cancelled my pro subscription.

I need to speak to a human, please… Or email:

Thank you!

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Hi Julie. What questions do you have?

The chat bot exists for at least two reasons: Most questions people write us with can be answered by it; and it helps us direct those questions it cannot answer to the right team. You have multiple times left a chat without answering the bot’s final question, so the conversation never was sent further, because from our perspective, it seems like your question has been resolved.

If you respond here, I can try to help you.

Thank you Adam, I must admit I was hoping that Doxy might take up my question.

Which is, as I said in my post, that when I got the professional subscription half of my patients were suddenly unable to hear me? I tried everything I could think of and used the bots you have to ‘fix’ these problems. I didn’t have the same issues with the free version.

So I wonder what this might have been? I cancelled my subscription because it was just too embarrassing and difficult to work in this way. Sometimes we would both close down and re-open and still a client would be unable to hear me. This happened with a number of different clients and always that the client could not hear me. Sometimes within an hour or so I would be able to have a clear meeting again.

Is there something I can do?

Before all this happened I was also wanting to know if Doxy would work for a clinic that my colleague and I were about to start. We are not using Doxy at the moment but I would still like to. Basically I want to know whether I can ‘buy’ (for example) a one-clinic-10-counsellors subscription and have more than 10 of us sharing the time? Most of us only work 3 or 4 hours a day and so would like to be able to share our time and so reduce cost?

I look forward to hearing back from you!



If you are “reliably” having poor quality, then it is almost certainly a problem with your network connection - it could also potentially be a problem with your hardware or software, but I would first check your Internet. Some tips taken from our help center:

  1. Make sure there is no other activity going on that is eating up your available bandwidth.
  2. Position your device close to the router, or better yet, plug in directly with an ethernet cable.

Whether you have a paid subscription or a free account makes no difference to the quality of your connection. It’s difficult for me to say what might have been causing that audio issue without more info, but I do not see how upgrading could have been a factor. When the client was unable to hear you, was the mic button over your picture on the call red with a slash through it? What kind of mic are you using?

There is no sharing of accounts. This is to protect the privacy of patients and ensure our compliance with HIPAA. Patients deserve to know for sure who it is on the other end when they start their call, and they cannot do that if multiple people might be using a particular log in.

I can not figure out this system. Mic no longer working. Can’t even figure out help tab. Mic works in other apps.Worked last week. So frustrating.

I’m also ‘reliably’ having no problems with the free service (which I don’t want) or with zoom? So it can’t be my system or network connection?

I would think that because I am a potentially good customer, who wants a paid subscription and then to use your service, to take me seriously and investigate might be a good idea?

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Hi Adam

Thank you for your email.

The first issue is the lack of customer service when I was paying for 2 months and gave up using Doxy because it was russian roulette as to whether or not my Doxy would work. The audio failed to work 50% of the time. In the end I had to just cancel my account and the customer service for paid accounts didn’t happen?

I have heard similar complaints from other users of Doxy who have also been using Zoom or another service.

I would rather use Doxy - I like the principles and the fact there is nothing to download. This are also the thoughts of some of my colleagues.

Is Doxy able and willing to resolve my problem?