Doxy works with Chrome Browser

I’ve reported continuing difficulties using doxy with Windows 10 and Firefox (my usual browser) and thus always used my mini iPad with which it connects reliably (usually though with some clicking noise and occasional dropping of connection) but just found that doxy works reliably with the Google Chrome browser. Good news!

I agree. Fewer problems with Google, compared to Safari.

I’ve found that Doxy works consistently only with my mini iPad, variably with Chrome and almost never with Windows 10, I not feeling confident enough to try it with patients with the latter two.

For me, Doxy stopped working on Chrome and now only works on Microsoft Edge. Frustrating.

If you haven’t discovered it yet, the browser-based pop-out Doxy app is awesome! Not available in Safari, but I’ve used it in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave. (When you open Doxy in one of these browsers, click on the box with the arrow to the right of the website address at top). You can still use the “picture in picture” feature on the pop-out app, then drag the patients picture anywhere on your screen and even lay it on top of your open browser or EMR so you can see both at once. On a Macbook, I use the Brave browser ( and keep the Doxy app in my Dock so I can quickly open Doxy without having to actually open a browser or type in a website. It also doesn’t seem to suck up CPU and kick on the Macbook fans like it did when I was using Doxy in the Chrome browser directly.

Doxy has faulty software, it working intermittently in Brave, stating that it can’t access the webcam and yet doing so, NEVER working in Windows 10 with Firefox or Chrome and working consistently only with Safari on my mini iPad where it doesn’t remember patient e-mail addresses which it automatically does on my Android smartphone where it also works as well as it does. Lately it’s been better though, again, only with my iPad.

I have not had much success with resolving the issue of random screen freezing, especially when the other party has an apple device. It’s very frustrating and makes me want to switch to Zoom.

Marcola, I have found that apple devices need to be in Do Not Disturb mode, which most people don’t know how to do and/or don’t remember to do. Incoming texts, reminders, or phone calls steal access to the mic or camera every time.

I’ve only used in Chrome and I find the same problems with the clicking, which is distracting for individual psychotherapy. A lot of freezing and times when I can no longer hear the client. Reliability seems to be the same or maybe worse than Zoom.

Works with Microsoft edge.

Bye Bye I have just paid my final month. A review of this thread continues to demonstrate how erratic is, especially with audio visual performance. I wrote some time back I was also trying Innovacer; it also failed to provide the level of performance I need. The surprise winner: Microsoft Teams. Lots of setup angst, and crazy issues about protecting individual client names from other users. (Each patient must be set up as a separate Team with a Guest Account using their own private e-mail address.) Once you go through all that you get Zoom-level features with the best (not perfect) audio visual performance. Since Teams mainly serves corporate environments, I have had confirmation by colleagues in those settings. It is a lot of hassle for a solo provider, but worth it to me, as of now. And it costs $5.00 per month including a HIPAA usable letter. I won’t be back here probably, so if you want some free setup help look me up on google at

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I’m still using the free version. It works 60% of the time for me. I use an iPad with AirPods and when it works, it works really well. I am surprisingly able to use the Doxy app. When I do use a browser, I use Safari. After reading this thread, I am going to try Google Chrome on Monday

As a follow-up, I tried using Chrome today and it said it is an unsupported browser. I had a successful call using the Doxy app