Dropped calls all day, every day

For the past week I am getting multiple dropped calls in each session.
Very distracting and upsetting.Help!

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Sorry to hear about the poor connections, in these scenarios it may be good to examine the connection speeds on your side and the patients side as this may be the culprit in the dropped calls.

To test, copy and paste this into a browser: Speed Test by Measurement Lab

Make note of these numbers: Download__ Upload__ Latency(MS)__
Minimum: 350-kbps - 2 Mbps Down/Up - Ideal 10-25 Mbps Down/Up Optimal: 25+ Mbps Down/Up
Latency is Good under 100ms, Best under 50ms

Thanks for your response.

Using the speed test you suggest, the results appear pretty good:Download = 108 Mb/s
Upload = 109Mb/s
Latency = 7ms
Retransmission = 0.08%

So why am I suddenly getting all these dropped calls? No change in my equipment or setup, no change in my patient’s equipment or setup. Dropped calls happen with all patients, all day, multiple times per call, each day this past week.

Gerald Leibowitz, Ph.D.

Hi Gerald,

Those numbers on your side are good, both over 100 up and down, latency is well below the 50ms threshold and retransmission is fairly minimal. Have you tried switching the browser as well to see if that helps, also the number of active browser tabs is not a large amount right? Can you list out some of the exact dates and times of a dropped call and I can try to collect some call data that may help explain what’s going on. Send some over when you have free time.

Hi Colin:

The browser might be tough to switch as I use Safari on my iPad, as I have done for the past 8-10 months. During this period, although I had some sound issues (brief pixelated voice that has been fine for many weeks), I never had dropped calls. There are few or no tabs open, typically.

I can give you dates and approximate times: 3/2 between 11:45am-1:45pm; 2:30-4:30; 5:15-6pm. Then 3/4 between 11:45-1:45; 2:30-4:30; 6-7. Then 3/5 between 11am-12:30pm; 1:15-3; 3:45-5:15.

Thanks for your help.

Gerald Leibowitz, Ph.D.

Hi Gerald,

If you are running the iOS software version of 14.3 or higher, you can now use Chrome or Firefox on that iPad. So it may be worth trying one of those 2 for a few calls to see if it helps.

I need a little time to pull that call data and review, I did based on your name find your email and I wont post it here as its a public forum, but since I cant send pictures here I will email you what I find for these call times: 3/2 between 11:45am-1:45pm; 2:30-4:30; 5:15-6pm. Then 3/4 between 11:45-1:45; 2:30-4:30; 6-7. Then 3/5 between 11am-12:30pm; 1:15-3; 3:45-5:15.

Hope to have some data for you this week.

thanks, Colin

Today at 1:03 and 1:28…if that helps.

Gerald Leibowitz, Ph.D.

A few more specific times today: 3:51, 3:52, 6:10, 6:34

Gerald Leibowitz, Ph.D.

drgleibowitz I am having the same problem as you but I use Chrome for my browser. Same equipment, same clients with the same equipment and Wi-Fi. I have had to switch to zoom multiple times and have no issues when I am on zoom. I also have to refresh each time I go to the waiting room to see if my client is there. They are typically there but it says they have been waiting less than a minute when in reality they have been there multiple minutes.

On Monday between 5pm-6pm CT, I had so many dropped calls with the same client using same computers as usual that I finally had to switch to the phone.

I am having similar issues with dropped calls, but inconsistently. There with some clients and some hours and not with others.

We’ve been having this same issue this week with lots of dropped calls every day. The connection seems fine but we are having our IT person look into it more.

I believe there was a problem with the internet last week. I use windows PC and an 5 feet from router. Have several techie clients. They think the actual infrastructure of the internet is not up to all the activity

Hope it works out. More long term clients will roll with situation New clients???

I had one dropped call this week - first time just a complete cut-off rather than audio or video dropping but the call was still there. We both reloaded and it worked - spooky!

I have last call on 3.11.21. All test call items were operative. I spent $ 10 for a day pass that wasn’t useful for that costs. Please reconsider my refund.
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Same with me. Yesterday dropped calls, audio going out, and patients unable to logon. So frustrating and difficult to feel assured to provide care via doxy. Im a paying customer.

Hi everyone,

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Curious to get some feedback since the connection is dependent on both yours and your patients’ internet strength/device. Read a few comments regarding worry about new patients having a difficult time and frustration.

We have a new patient flyer that we stronger encourage you use. This really makes it simple, especially for the non-tech savvy folks!

Also gives the patient direct line to our Customer Success team to help out. Would love some feedback here!

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This is perhaps a good resource for someone very new to online platforms. If you’re looking for feedback, I would suggest adding a tip to disconnect from Bluetooth devices or car speakers. That has been a frequent problem for us.

However, giving this flyer to our clients would not solve the issues we’ve been experiencing.

We’ve using Doxy.me to video stream veterinary exams while the pet parent waits in the designated parking spots close to the building. Our IT person upgraded our wifi to the fastest connection possible and the network is separate, so that the devices used for the video exams are the only devices on that network. We usually only have one provider taking calls on that network, at the most two. So that would be only two-four devices total, counting those in the parking lot who are usually also on our wifi.

Almost every call goes well, but maybe one in five has connection issues or the call gets dropped completely and we end up doing the exam over the phone, and the problem has increased in frequency over the last few weeks.

I don’t see how it could be a network issue when all of our calls have been on the same, strong, network. It could be a device issue on the client’s end, sure, as that’s pretty much the only other variable, but it’s very curious that other folks from different practices are reporting an increase in the same problem…

Just as a follow up: I tried Zoom for several days, with multiple clients. No change in my equipment or in theirs. Results: zero dropped calls. Conclusion: the Doxy platform is experiencing a problem. Possibly not enough server space, or somehow is overwhelmed by users. It is not, repeat NOT an issue with the provider or the client.