Dropped calls, user interface

My patient and I lose our connection several times an hour. This has occurred with several different patients today. My video feed turns black according to the patient and they can’t hear me. I can still see them. Reloading the page fixes the problem temporarily. This is disruptive and didn’t occur last week. The standard fixes (restarting my router, restarting the computer) didn’t help

One more thing: There must have been an update to the doxy.me platform recently. It used to be, when transferring a file to a patient, there was some kind of feedback in the file submission window that indicated the file was uploaded/sent. Now, when I drag and drop a file in the window, I don’t see any indication that the file was sent until the patient says they received it. The elimination of this feedback is not an improvement to the user interface!

Thank you for your feedback. We identified an issue with the latest version of the video application we use. We performed an update this morning that we believe should resolve the issues, but we are continuing to monitor the situation. More details can be found at status.doxy.me.

I will look further into the issue you describe with transferring files.