Echo and poor sound

I am having more experiences where patients are having echos or their is a lot of static over the last 2 weeks. Has anyone else had this problem, and any advice? Thanks

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yes, I am having the same issue.

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I too am having problems.

Yes, me too. Sometimes it is worse if pt has used an old invite to log in. I disconnect, re-invite, and it usually clears up. Hope this helps

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Yes, I am having the same echo problem, as well. Don’t know what to do about it. Have been using FaceTime as Doxy has become unusable due to this echo.

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I have the same problem and it has increased over the past two weeks.

Yes, the echo has increased. I kept score of the frequency. Signing off and back on sometimes helps. In my state, we are having a mental health crisis, and I am on for 6-8 hrs. Sometimes I reboot.

I have had weeks of a huge echo. Even had to turn the volume way down in order to stop it. Could hardly hear my client.

Couple of things I have tried. Make sure that only one device is on by the user. You will always get an echo with two devices on their end because slight sound delays. Also if the room is very live with hard surfaces, tell them to put a towel under the computer to dampen reflections. This will also reduce noise from pens and nervous tapping or whatever hits the desk.

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This seems to be particularly true on my patients using and iPad.

Yes I’m having more challenges with echo. Sometimes rebooting helps but sometimes it does not. Several times my client and I have turned off our microphones and used the telephone while still having the picture on Doxy.

Having the same problem myself. In searching for the answer, I just found this. I have not had the opportunity to try it yet, but perhaps it may help you: Go to and look under the “Reported Issues” tab, it is labelled “ios-echo-on-154-1541-and-155”

Katana; " Go to and look under the “Reported Issues” tab, it is labelled “ios-echo-on-154-1541-and-15" did not get me anywhere, unfortunately. No “reported issues” there.

@drmichel Odd. It’s there for me. I couldn’t give you the whole link before, because it automatically hyperlinked bizarrely. Perhaps I can try again:

Also, here is a cropped screenshot of it:

Do you know if Doxy has a technical support email?
I continue to experience echo problems during sessions that I hear, but my clients do no