Edit Text Message

I’ve been told that we soon will be able to edit the text message we send to patient’s Is there an update on when this feature will be available>


I would like this feature as well.

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We are actively working on this. I hate giving exact dates, as sometimes unforeseen issues come up that cause delay. But I would say within the next month or so it should be out.

This feature will be released next week as a beta feature. If you’d like to have access to this feature while it’s still in beta testing, reply here to let me know.

That would be great!

Hi Carrie! I’ve added you to the list. Watch for an email next Thursday. That should be the first day that you will have the ability to edit the text message before you send it. We look forward to hearing your feedback through the survey you will receive on March 18th. Enjoy!

Is the edit feature available now ? or hopefully the 18th?

I would very much like to Beta the edit feature if you need more support

Hello. I have a “Group” account in that I set up the account under our practice name and provided a “group” waiting room but then I also added users to the account so that they can have their own waiting room to see patients. I can edit the text field when I invite patients on the “group” waiting room, but I’m unable to edit the text if I send a link from a specific users waiting room. Any feedback on that.

You’ll all set Hillary! Thanks for your willingness to try out this cool new feature and provide us with feedback.

Hi Crystal. Welcome to the forum. Thanks for reaching out with your question. I’m a little unsure of what you are saying, however. Given this may be about a separated issue, I’ll message you directly and see if we can figure it out.