Email Invitations undeliverable

I sent out several video call invites via email this week and all were returned to me (several days later) saying they were undeliverable. I was sending from my default email-my work Outlook account. Client emails were correct as these were long standing clients that have been receiving the link this way for months. Anyone else having this problem or know what I should do about it?

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Same problem! Long standing client invitations to gMail users.

Thank you for posting, @sarabarrettlcsw, and for commenting, @jacqueristau. We have indeed discovered an issue with some emails being sent to gmail addresses. Our development team is currently working on a fix.

As a workaround in the meantime, you can remove the link and emails should go through. If you would still like to include a link to the patient guide, the full link is

Yes, lately I have had a series of email invitations not received by clients. Not in their Spam or Trash either.

Thank you for participating in our forum, @docexecutive. I have moved your comment to this post which seems like the issue you’re experiencing. Please see my comment above for a potential workaround and we hope to have this issue resolved quickly.

Cullen, I thought this was fixed with gmail when a trial email I sent was received, but gmail is returning invitations marked as spam again. I’m copying and pasting my address for gmail invitations.

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Jacque Ristau

@jacqueristau, is this after removing the link from the email?

There is no evidence of a link in the email. I don’t know what that is. My husband couldn’t find one either.

@jacqueristau, in the default email invitation message, there is a line after your room link that says:
“Please review the Patient Guide ( before the call to help ensure your telehealth appointment goes smoothly.” We believe it is that link to the Patient Guide that is the issue. Try replacing with

Thank you, Cullen. I see it now. I’ll try that next time.

That worked today. Thank you.


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