Enable virtual background

Does anyone know how to enable a virtual background during sessions. I use an HP laptop Rosemary


@rherrick Are there virtual backgrounds in Doxy.me? I know there are in Zoom but don’t remember that option in Doxy.me? :scream_cat:

I was told it hasn’t been enabled, but our continued requests are encouraged to drive the development team to act on this.


Thanks! Hope it gets enabled! Rosemary

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A virtual background would be so helpful for SLPs who are working with kids. There are so many great ideas to keep therapy engaging and “fresh” that need a virtual background.


Virtual background would be a wonderful feature. Would like to use a picture of my office when it was free of clutter!! :smile:

I just wanted to let this thread know that we recently put together a Help article on this topic since we have not been able to release our own version of this feature yet.