Error message trying to do the pre-call test

When using the pre-call test function I often get this message: “Unfortunately, requires features that your web browser doesn’t support :disappointed:”; this is followed by instruction to upgrade or update my browser. At that point I can go no further. My browser (Safari) automatically updates and I get this message seemingly randomly. I wish there were real technical support so I could go straight to the source and get a reply instead of having to watch this forum. I’ve tried to send this message in other places and have never had a reply. Thanks for any assistance.

I have a similar issue. When I run the doxy bot it says I have not allowed my microphone or camera in Chrome. When I check in Chrome settings it shows both as being allowed and most of the time, the client can see and hear me. There appears to be a bug in the doxy bot. I think you can only get real technical support, but only by chat, if you are using the paid version. On the other hand I haven’t had much success with the chat support either.

I am having a similar issue after purchasing a new phone. I’m getting an error message stating that my Chrome needs to be upgraded, and I have the latest version of Chrome. Then, an error when I run doxy bot says that I haven’t allowed use of my microphone or camera. All settings in Chrome and on my phone are set to allow. I couldn’t find anything on any other tech support sites either. However, I did discover a fix for now that may help: I switched to the “desktop site” in the menu when clicking the three dots, and my camera and microphone work fine. The font is just very small!

Thank God you made it through