Exclusive Beta Group Opportunity

Providing simple, free, and secure telemedicine solutions are doxy.me’s priorities. Demand for telemedicine solutions continues to rise during this time where many patients cannot meet in person with their healthcare providers. The staff at doxy.me are looking for feedback to ensure that we continue offering the best telemedicine product and experience to its customers.

Doxy.me is thrilled to offer our most active users on the forum the opportunity to be a part of an exclusive beta testing group.


  • Complete surveys about the product

  • Test new features that are rolled out

  • Able to walk through the features via videocall

Please send me a private message here on the forum if you are interested in joining the beta testing group.

Thank you!


I would love to do this
Brooks Campbell/part of Dr Schwartz group
My number is 925-786-6849

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Awesome! Thank you!

We will be in contact as I organize the group.

Marilyn Shenker, LMFT
(doxy: mshenker)

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Ill be glad to join the beta testing-

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Sure. Happy to participate. Elaine

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I would be interested in beta testing.

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We would be interested in joining the beta testing.

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I keep getting emails ponses re beta testing responding to me…or am I getting copies of all of the responses to the community group?.

Yes I’m interested in learning more.

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When you reply to a thread, by default you subscribe to get certain notifications. You can set in your preferences.

For this thread, you can change it at the bottom of the discussion, you should see something like this:


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@Matt, in the spirit of beta testing, may I ask for a clue about how to DM you? Perhaps I am missing the obvious, but I do not see how to do it. It might cut down on replies to the entire group. Thanks!

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Hi @patsycatsos. Great question, to send me a private message you can simply click on my profile and there will be a blue rectangle with the word “message”.

Matt, is this your profile? I am not seeing a blue rectangle button for messaging, either in this screenshort or when scrolling down through your profile page. I do believe I am properly signed in (P in upper right hand corner of screenshot).

Hi Patsy!

I recently found out that brand new users don’t have the ability to start personal message conversations. I sent you personal message, though. Thanks!

While I am not one of your most active users…
I come from the IT world and dealt with conferencing issues, which might provide some insights.

I had expected some issues as the COVID issue increased the need for throughput by a huge factor…but you already knew that. I had the experience that some of the others have expressed of sessions freezing. That appears to have settled out. I have heard that video conferencing companies have spent the entire budget allocation for upgrading in March/April and are scrambling for funding to do even more.

So…anything I can do to help…


Samuel Norris
4th River LLC

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I would be interested in joining the beta group.

Mary M. Stanton, LICSW
16 Center Street, Suite 223
Northampton, MA 01060
Phone: 413-586-1566
Email: [mary@marystantonlicsw.com
(mailto:mary@marystantonlicsw.com)Pronouns: She/her/hers

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Yes, I would be happy to help

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I’m interested in joining the beta testing group.

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I am interested in joining the beta group.

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