Experience Deterioration over past 2 Weeks


Hi Community,

I’ve been using Doxy.me for almost 6 months with 2 clients and no troubles. However, over the past 2 weeks, I’ve experienced technical issues during two calls. The image gets frozen, is slow, and ultimately we have to disconnect and re-join the call.

Is there something I can do? Nothing’s different on my end, so I’m confused.

Hoping you can help!



I agree with you. It seems like the connection and audio/video quality are variable each time I use it. Even with continuing clients who I did not have an issue with initially.

Anyone from tech support able to provide feedback on this? Thank you!


Hi thanks for reaching out! Nothing has changed recently to how the video and audio operates. There are a lot of variable that cause choppiness so here are some things to check.

  • The Call Test is available from the dashboard and waiting room. This is great to run before a call to check the internet connection.
    - Look at the epected call quality: You want this to say excellent with a score of 4+ on both sides
    - 0% packet loss. This is what causes skipping. It means that the connection isn’t stable. Try using an ethernet cable or moving closer to the WiFi.

  • Are you on company network? They usually have firewalls set up that can cause issues.

  • Is the device slow? I’ve seen people have really fast internet but on an older computer. The computers CPU usage was maxed at 100% causing the call to be choppy. Sometimes a computer restart can close all the programs and free up cpu and ram.

If you are still having issues lets schedule a call! Obviously you shouldn’t be having choppy calls and we can find out the cause. Thanks for being a part of the 35,000+ providers using Doxy.me!


I agree! I have used Doxy for over a year and had few problems, but about 2 weeks ago, my calls tend to deteriorate about 20-30 minutes into the session. I will no longer see the client, and while we can hear each other, they tell me that I have frozen. We can usually fix this by logging out and back in, but after it happens once in a session, it continually happens. I am not on a company network and am using a new device.


Just an update…I have only had one Doxy session this week but the quality was perfect! However, it did something similar to the above where the video went away a couple times and when it came back, the audio and video did not match up (looked like a really bad lip sync!) We were able to resolve by reconnecting.


One thing I can think of, is that we’ve been slowly allowing more devices and browsers to access our system. So for example, a patient can now use Safari on an older mobile device. This is great for accessibility, as some patients only have access to this device, but ultimately if the device is slow or doesn’t have the best processor the call quality can suffer.

In these instances we recommend using the new patient queue to see if the patient is on a mobile device and perhaps switch to an audio only call.

Also switching to Low Definition would help in these instances.

We do have the ultimate guide article on this topic that goes into some advance details. Check it out if you continue to have issues.


Hi Katie! Thanks for scheduling a call above and meeting with me. We narrowed the issue down to a slower tablet. Video calls can use a moderate amount of cpu and ram processing power. What happened was the tablet was maxing out its processing power during the call. After some time it gets really hot which starts to affect performance. Smart phones shouldn’t run into this issue. They have more processing power to handle the video call.

We just released the new patient queue that allows you to do an audio only call. If you are having call connection issues the audio only call should work. This uses much less internet bandwidth and processing power.


Hi Dylan,

I am plugged directly into my internet. I haven’t had a change in device. Nothing has changed. I’ve used Doxy.me for about 6 months, and have only experienced a deterioration in quality and connection over the past month or so, and I am sure it’s on Doxy’s end. I also find it a bit interesting that I’m now receiving offerings of a higher quality resolution for an extra fee. Are there now two levels of service/quality? Do I need to pay in order to receive the level of quality I used to receive for free? That is fine, but I want to know. I don’t want to upgrade and still have this same problem. At this point I’m very frustrated and looking at other options.

Thank you,

Tiffany Cotter, LMFT


Also, I really need the ability to do video with my clients as I’m a therapist and need to be able to see them and “read” them.

Thanks again,