Export Meeting History Beta

Hi everyone!

On 2/9/2022 we’re opening our Meeting History Export Beta! This will let you try it out before being released to everyone and provide feedback to make it better. Since it is beta, there may be some bugs or enhancements we need to fix. Beta will be open to everyone but will only be on Professional and Clinic plans after the full release.

The export will include:

  • Date
  • Provider’s Name (Clinic Only)
  • Room that the call took place in (Clinic Only)
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Duration
  • Waiting Time (Group calls will have times separated by a comma)

If you would like access, send an email to schuyler@doxy.me that you would like to participate and what plan you are on (Free, Professional, Clinic)!


When can we begin having access to this Beta Meeting History feature? - I’m all in and need to test ASAP. This feature is really needed.

Hi @mdvcare, I added you to the beta. Let me know if you can’t export the data!