Export or integration to know that an appointment has happened

We are using Doxy as the video call mechanism for our digital appointments, but we want to confirm that the patient has actually attended their appointment in a way that doesn’t rely on practitioners keeping a record of who attended and who didn’t.

Doxy records the length and time of an appointment but not who attended it. Is there a way of saving and exporting/integrating the name of the person who attended the call?

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Hi @Christian_Clogg, this is good feedback. We do have a somewhat unannounced feature, where you can append ?pid=patientIDHere to any URL, and it will store that patient ID in the meeting history session. The only way to retrieve this as of right now, however, is using the meeting history API, but we do plan on allowing the export of this information as part of our Analytics improvement initiative. But that is still a bit further out - ~2-4 months or so


Hi Cristian,

Happy to help set this up if you need!

Hi Schuyler,

Yes please that would be absolutely fantastic. Is there an email address that I could contact you on?