Extremely poor quality service and poor tech support

No ability to hear patients on the other end–the sound quality is extremely scratchy (they can hear me, though). Video remains pixelated. I am in a major city on a good wifi network with a brand new laptop and updated browser(s). I have no issues with other tech platforms such as zoom. I was paying for the premium version. I called doxy.me tech support and, after being transferred to 2 different people, I was told someone would call me back to assist. Never heard from anyone. Extremely unprofessional.


I had that problem on the 19th with two pts my voice was echoing it was painful and the videos were bad both were on their Iphones

I am hoping that APPLE or some other prominent tech company will come up with a better HIPAA compliant application that we can use for telemedicine. Apple seems to know how to get it done right, and as soon as they do I am gone. I get the impression that Doxy has done all that they can do to fix their problems and we are stuck with an application that works for some but not all encounters. I admit that some of the problems I encounter come from the patients who must use inexpensive and rather crappy Android and other phones or who have no clue how to conduct a video call. It is all very frustrating and we are stuck because telemedicine is here to stay.

I have given Doxy almost a one year go of it. They seem unable to get this telemedicine service working without some sort of major glitch. Seriously, if it’s not one thing it’s another. I’m not sure if it’s a funding problem, or what …

I agree if I find a service that is not a constant problem I would transfer too. There is always a problem with Sound. I phones you have to text and wait a minute before using. If they get a phone call, you have to hang up and call back. Half the time Android phones are having sound problems.

I am having the same experience; also upgraded to professional; to find out that it does not make any difference. same poor quality; so choppy that it made it impossible to work with a couple in therapy session. an hour wasted! i tried the low resolution as recommended and it does not change anything. with other platforms, my high speed internet and top equioment works very well. what to do? can we get reimbursed?

Not only will we not likely get reimbursed, they won’t even respond to requests for reimbursement (or technical difficulties). I’ve given up my paid account.

Hi, yes there was an issue with safari version 14, 14.1 and 14.2 where the user on that version would hear a garbled audio voice, Apple has fixed the code in 14.3 and the issue is resolved. Otherwise it is tough when the patient uses a much older device(with usually a slower CPU) and a poor cellular connection. I would recommend for phone users to set their phone to DND prior to the call to stop texts or calls stopping the video call.

Agreed. I have been using Doxy for about a year now and often have to move to a backup connection to complete patient meetings. Dropped calls, frozen calls, choppy sound, chronic problems w incompatibility between Doxy and Apple products (that shut down Doxy for over a day with the last Apple update) and various other issues have me considering other portal options.

I like how easy it is to use doxy but agree that there are so many issues current issue is that at beginning of session my voice sounds strange like static and then after a few moments it stops today a pt signed in I could see and hear her she could hear me but couldn’t see me. It makes me want to explore other options