Eye contact feature to look into camera directly

NVIDIA just released a new Eye Contact feature that uses AI to make you look into the camera. Can this be applied to Doxy to allow direct eye contact with patient as we are reading their charts? Would improve the quality of each patient interaction

Learn more: https://nvda.ws/3ZyWpft


Thank you for your feedback, @medhavijogi. I’ve added your request to our Product feedback page so you can automatically receive email updates as its status progresses.

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The simple thing to do is to position the person’s picture as close as possible to your camera (and move the camera lens as close as possible into the picture) so that when you look at them, you’re almost looking into the camera.

I have a hard time believing that the video card can make it look like you’re looking into the camera when you’re not without it getting super creepy (especially if you’re apparently staring into the camera the whole time). Looking at the linked video (which is an idealized video), there are some subtle errors that won’t be obvious at first but will gnaw at people watching for a whole visit.

that would be terrific one of my patients said it feels like I am looking down on them direct eye contact would really be great Victoria

I already have the set up you described. I have a 64 inch screen. I have a Logitech BCC950 Camera in center of screen and split screen with doxy on right and my EHR on left. I document simultaneously so I look to the left screen and see their fax in peripheral vision. This is the most efficient way to see a patient. I think this technology would be great if it could be incorporated.