EYE CONTACT! on Doxy.me

How to assure direct eye contact?

Here’s what I do: I use the picture-in-picture tool, and put the picture directly under the camera on my monitor. Then, when I look at my “patient”, it looks as though I’m staring at my camera, and I’m making eye contact with them.


Thanks, Adam. Sounds good to me.

How do I do it?

you can move your browser on the screen until the patient image is right under the camera. I have an external webcam so can just move the cam, but if camera built in just move the doxy.me browser window.

Great question! I just ask them-are we looking at each other? I do this and a sound check each time. And agree to inform if video freezes. I’ve found this to be clinical in nature for relational improvements. I love how teletherapy builds on our ability to do even more attachment work, up close and personal, yet safe for them. My webcam helps as its easy to adjust quickly.

Here is a system I created to look patients directly in the eye.

I hope it helps others.