Failure to connect after long wait

Anyone else notice that if patients have to wait in the waiting room more than a few minutes, Doxy fails to connect. If you end the connection and start over, then it connects.


Yes. That happens to me a lot.

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Happens to me 3 - 4 times a week. I find that it is often the other person has a slow internet connection (but not always).

Agree it is often patient with poor internet. They can ‘connect to the waiting room’ but can’t complete a video call. Also if they use their device while in waiting room it seems to cause a similar malfunction - like getting a call or similar. My observations.

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Be aware that often they can see and hear you but you can’t see or hear them. When this happens, I tell them that I’m going to reload the page and see if that helps and if it doesn’t they’ll need to reload the page and sign in again, as I’m typing it into the message section (so that way if they can’t hear me they’ll get the message) and they usually just reload the page right then and then everything is fine.

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Yes, it freaked me out the first time I realized that they could see and hear me but I couldn’t see or hear them. I realized that I had better not start cursing or acting or looking weird in various ways. Creepy/annoying.

I didn’t think about that being the reason, but it makes sense. I have one client who logs in 20 minutes ahead of time, probably due to anxiety. I may start mentioning to people that it is best if they don’t log in early, which would be my preference anyway.

OMG, they can?? yikes, thx for the heads up, cuz it is still happening off and on