Feature for me to reconnect with patients if signal broken

Could you please add an ability for me to call back a patient if our connection is lost. There have been times when the connection is lost and I have to wait until they log in again.


Hi. I would think that you have your client’s email and telephone number? If client does not re-connect immediately you can send them an email invitation and now it can be sent via text to them via their cell phone.

I believe this feature may only be available for the professional level.

Hope this helps. Doing this has been user friendly for me.

Don Miretsky, M.Ed., LPC, NBCCH

Yes. I know how to do that. It would be easier to simply be able to do it within Doxy rather than having to email/text the link to them again.

Hi there! To ensure I understand the request properly. Are you wanting a way to auto reconnect a patient to the waiting room if the call drops and they are removed from waiting room completely ?

I would appreciate the capacity to do that!