Feature for me to reconnect with patients if signal broken

Could you please add an ability for me to call back a patient if our connection is lost. There have been times when the connection is lost and I have to wait until they log in again.


Hi. I would think that you have your client’s email and telephone number? If client does not re-connect immediately you can send them an email invitation and now it can be sent via text to them via their cell phone.

I believe this feature may only be available for the professional level.

Hope this helps. Doing this has been user friendly for me.

Don Miretsky, M.Ed., LPC, NBCCH

Yes. I know how to do that. It would be easier to simply be able to do it within Doxy rather than having to email/text the link to them again.

Hi there! To ensure I understand the request properly. Are you wanting a way to auto reconnect a patient to the waiting room if the call drops and they are removed from waiting room completely ?

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I would appreciate the capacity to do that!

Hey @sandrajones, @blueridgecounseling and @donmiretsky!

Thanks for your patience while I got back to you on this.

The challenge with automatically reconnecting video calls is similar to typical phone calls. You make a call or someone calls you, and if that call is disconnected you have to call that person back or wait for them to call you. It isn’t until then that the person on the other end of the call has disconnected from the call circuit before you can call them back. The technology behind your streaming video call is much the same way. It may be helpful to think of your client’s web browser as the ‘phone’ in this example.
Once started, the call behaves very much as a regular phone call would but with video. If the call is disconnected, the circuit is severed and will need to be re-established. Meaning the call would need to be re-established by the patient. There are ways to reconnect a dropped call by leveraging the technology to establish a unique identifier between the client browser sessions. However, adding this behavior is contrary to our system design which grants a level of anonymity to the patient side. Creating a more persistent record to maintain an open circuit risk that anonymity.

In summary, it does not seem like something that is technically feasible while also aligning with our design standards. However, we will continue to brainstorm a workaround for this use case.

Jeremy and Matthew