Feature Request: Add user to multiple rooms

Request: Would it be possible for an admin account to be able to add a user to multiple physicians waiting rooms instead of going to each physician’s account to add the user to the waiting room?

Hi @mpotgoreanu,

Could you take this quick workflow tool and let me know which one it recommends? Dokbot: Go

Tell me a little more about your current patient workflow.

Or if it’s easier you can schedule a call with me here.

It’s not in regards to patient workflow. It’s in regards to sharing waiting rooms. We add staff to the physician’s waiting rooms because they send the link to the patients.

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Right now we don’t have the ability to add a user to multiple rooms without going through each physician’s account.

Depending on your workflow, there are other ways to set this up. Some Clinics use a shared room, that way new users only need to be given access to one room that all the providers share.

I agree with mpotgoreanu. Someone there should be looking into the ability to share multiple provider rooms with one staff member without having to jump in and out, especially since clicking “Go back to my account” sends you back to dashboard and I have to then click Account Setting, Clinic Settings, Manage Users, then Manage Account.
I share (20+) provider rooms with select staff members, for sending invites and to monitor if the provider is online with a patient, running on time, or running late. I do not want all providers having access to a shared waiting room and potentially moving the wrong patient or not seeing their patient checked in - we already have that problem with our current EHR.

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@jmrojas that’s an interesting use case. We are working on options to make granting access easier. We’d love to get your feedback on some prototypes if you have time: Schedule a time here