Features - Cart Before The Horse

While I am not opposed to adding the ‘permission’ to text my clients invitations, I would like to suggest two things:

  1. Client Permission to Text Invitations - should be default be “ON” as my newest clients, in fact, expect and are told that one of the features is texting link. In addition, text message contact is often the FIRST means of contact within CoVid World. Moreover, our own billing and scheduling software carries these flags… if the client then chooses to opt-out, and then fail to show, as contact cannot be established… then No Show is on them and not on a default setting that they were unaware of… being toggled such the messages could not be received from the outset.

  2. Feature That Should Be Included - Client Consent to Telephonic Services - Including For Pro+ Level The Ability To Upload Your Practices Own Policies in PDF (or Other Formats) That The Client Digitally Signs At The Outset of Treatment - Don’t You Think Prior to Worrying About “Permission To Text Invite” You Ought To Focus On Overall Permission For Teletherapy?

In closing, thank-you for your consideration, MDC