Feed keeps freezing

Anyone else having problems with the whole thing suddenly freezing up. This has happened yesterday and today right in middle of sessions

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For the past two weeks, I have experienced daily and almost during all my calls freezing as well as delays. I believe one of the issues is that when a client is using a smart phone and they receive a text message or call, the freezing begins and delays begin. So it may be interfering with the connection. At that point we try to reconnect. But unfortunately this doesn’t always work and is a temporary fix until another call/text comes in to them. This is super disruptive to our clinical sessions. Not everyone has a computer which leads to switching over a telephone call. No interference occurs during the call. For now this at least allows us to complete the session but not ideal nor will this be paid for by insurance in the future.
Please help with making sure doxy connections function smoothly.

Hi There,

Prior to the call, is it possible for the patient to enable the Do Not Disturb feature for calls and texts, to try and cut down on number of disrupts from incoming calls or texts. The phone will always give priority of the Mic (and possibly Camera) to an incoming call or video call. As well, it may help to switch your video call setting to low (for paid accounts) to help you to connect to patients who may not have the most stable cellular connection (try to connect via Wifi if possible).