Feedback Patient Queue Improvements

Hi everyone! I am a part of the Clinic-Enterprise product team here at One of the top requested enhancements is for the patient queue. We would love to get your feedback.

If you could wave a magic wand, how would you improve the current patient queue?
What challenges do you currently face with the patient queue?

How would the mock-ups below impact your experience, if at all?
What do you think about organizing your queue with filters (room, status, patient)?

Patient Queue: Try it out here.

Clinic Dashboard: Try it out here.

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I like the Clinic Dashboard idea better. Most useful I think if it was front and center on the log in dashboard screen, right below the welcome tile.

Thanks @joe-vita. You can see how it would look here. The idea is that you could click this view/layout from the sidebar.

If you could organize the queue, how would sort the patients?

@Schuyler our team would likely sort by room. We have medical assistants and other support staff that work with multiple clinicians.

@Schuyler - I took a look at the mock-up-- think the ability to sort by room is nice, and I do like the clinic dashboard a bit over the patient queue.
This seems more like a cosmetic change, so I don’t see it as a major needle-mover for user experience. Most staff are only part of 1-2 shared rooms, + their own personal room.

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I would like to see a way for patients who are able to connect to the waiting room test out their microphone, speaker (many do not know how to change their phone’s sound out put to speaker), and camera. Its fustrating to see patients connect to only not be able to get their camera working or mircophone working. Just a suggestion.

@Schuyler, don’t want to hijack the thread but i was not aware that you could have different rooms, specifically a BILLING room for when I’m done with the patient and have my front office take over for billing. I’m on PRO plan; is that something I have access to?

Thank you for your comment, @DrTaras. Shared rooms are available as a feature of Clinic and Enterprise subscriptions. I can have someone reach out to you to discuss if moving to a Clinic subscription is the right move for you.

Thank you for your comment as well, @massenasober. We do have a Pre-call Test that does this for patients if they are joining from a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook. I am looking into more information on that feature in relation to patients on mobile devices and will follow up on that.

@massenasober, the Pre-call Test is available on mobile, but is currently hidden on Android devices because of a previous bug. We believe that bug is resolved and are working to re-enable on Android devices.

More to your original point, I believe, our product team is currently working on functionality where the pre-call test (testing speakers, microphone, and camera) will be an automated part of the check-in process for patients. We do not yet have a delivery timeline on that improvement, but it will certainly be one we will want to communicate loud and clear when it is ready.

I’ll pass for now on the upgrade but thanx