Fewer points/clicks please!

It would help me greatly if interface avoided so many clicks and pointer movements. Instead:

  • on face page, have clickable boxes for “Invite by text” or “Invite by email” etc
  • then, after the click, the cursor automatically goes into the phone number window ready for input (so no need for the mouse). Then after number entered, let us just hit RETURN key
  • for email, I always choose the same option of “send from doxy.me” so make it always go to that option (or have a pop up to ask “make this your default?”) so then after the first click, the cursor goes into window to start typing or pasting the email address. then hit RETURN and done
    This would save a lot of frustration and lost time.
    Also, please let us see what number we sent invitation to. If there’s no call back, I start to wonder if I mis-typed. I’d like to just see the number or email I had sent to – rather than looking up the number again, going through all the clicks again, etc to send the link again in case I mis-typed before.
    Please and thank you. :slight_smile: