File Transfer for PRO

I see that File Transfer for PRO may now be working. This is the reason I originally upgraded. Typically I send a file before session and like to receive back from client before session. Can file send/receive work without being online in session; or is this feature only when in an online session?

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Hi, have you went through the check list? close all windows, have latest up dates, clean browser, reset setting, turn off computer and encourage patients to do so? I do these things like my deceased OCD mother cleaned! For example I’ve have had issues with Doxey connection and ask patients when is the last time you turn your computer off? They say, “awhile” I have them close our connection and restart their computer and vallah. Saving the details, I’ve had a number of different issues and so many were clients not keeping up with the computer maintenance for the best connection. Cool, that’s a great metaphor for why call me! :wink:

Did you get an answer as to whether one has to be live with a client in order to send/receive files? I am looking for an answer to that same question.