File transfer not working

A patient tried to send a 2 Mb image and the transfer is just stuck at 0.5 Mb
My Internet connection is fine and the Doxy me session was otherwise smooth.
Please check

What I would like to see is that when I file-transfer a disclosure statement the patient can sign with her finger on the phone and send it directly back to me seamlessly. I can’t figure out how to make this happen any suggestions?

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Yeah I have yet to get this service to work! I need some more guidance.
Michael Murrell

That would be an extremely helpful option.

Hi Micheal, The time I had the need I wasn’t able to get it to work either. I had high hopes for this feature even though the exchange can only happen in session. My need is really more before the session not during. In looking at other related providers that do include these kinds of services, I found the prices pretty steep; but keep researching. If you find a HIPAA compliant platform or method I am interested in hearing about it. Thanks, Bill

Bill ~ I have a similar need and haven’t figured out how to resolve it. I send out detailed Action Plans and evaluations post session (not “in session”). They have to be HIPAA compliant but I don’t need the plan signed by the client, only the evaluation (Session Rating Scale). My question is, Can I send forms and notes to clients a day AFTER our online “session”? Thanks, Jack