Filter Patient Queue

Seeking any updates on if users have the ability to filter the patient queue to see only the patients in your lobby. Providers currently see everyone checked into the clinic, and it would be nice for them to be able to “hide” anyone in the queue who isn’t their patient.

Our patients receive direct links to their provider’s Virtual Waiting Room. If you have a clinic account, and each provider has their own login, they should only see their own patients. They should not be able to see the whole clinic unless everyone is sharing rooms with each other. Providers in my office only share rooms with support staff. Staff is able to see if providers are online with a patient, and staff can send invites for providers.

This is regarding the Shared Room feature for the clinic. There is a Patient Queue where all patients who are in the room can be seen by everyone who has access to it, support staff and providers. I’m looking for updates on being able to filter that patient queue for providers so they only see the patients who are in their in individual waiting room.

Hi @lvaughan this is something we’re researching. If you have some time I’d love to chat and learn more: Calendly - Schuyler Welch