Find provider room via search engine?


Hey all!

Just curious if anyone would find it valuable if you could allow your waiting room to be found/indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, ect?

Right now, we don’t allow search engines to index waiting rooms but we are thinking this might be appropriate for some providers.

If someone searches for “Mr. Dylan Turner” for example, they might find my room via google. Instead of needing to know the exact link to find me.



This sounds like a nice option! Perhaps better for existing clients who may have “lost” the email link. Not a good option for a new client to find you this way since they have not had the initial contact or initial phone assessment to determine rightness of fit.


One advantage would be to put on the map.

Is it possible to add the Clinician’s website URL to the Client’s Welcome sign-in screen?


Yeah, that’s true.

@behaviorcoach, could you send me a screen shot of where you are thinking of adding that? Or a little more description of what you’d like to accomplish with that so our team can get a better idea of it’s value to others!


I think it would be very valuable.

I would even consider entering it as a service under business info or as an appointment url in my google business site. The benefit would be for people who are open to video therapy to get a feel for what it’s like to get connected: what it looks like, how easy it is, etc. It would be the same as someone dropping by a doctor’s office to see if the clinic is nice and the staff is pleasant.


Hi Dylan.

Thanks for your response.

For the curious who show up in the waiting room, have attached one


I think that it is very important to consider how individuals being able to access a waiting room with a highly trained profession on-demand might shift a clinic from standard care to emergency care.
I think it is very important to allow the practice to be able to determine if emergency care is something they are able to provide, or not, and decide if their waiting room is searchable and accessible to the public.
Also, international law needs to be considered, as search and accessibility online means individuals located over-sees would be able to access the waiting room and it is important to consider the implications associated.