Firefox still not working

Firefox has not been working for several weeks.


I haven’t been able to get Firefox to work either. I finally closed down Firefox, and opened up Safari. It’s inconvenient, because I can’t do the other things that I’m used to in my browser. But I can’t have both browsers open or the connection won’t have enough bandwidth. At least this way Doxy works!

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This has been going on now for, I think, nearly two months. At this point I question their intention of fixing the issue. This and other issues have me wondering why I’m paying $35 per month for Doxy when there are other options.

I’ve had problems with my patients using Firefox. Here is what I’ve started putting into my invitation emails. I’ve been told by the support person who gave me the video link that it should be fixed in doxy soon, but this is a bug in the way FireFox uses the video accelerator hardware and it’s not Firefox’s fault.

If you are using Firefox version 80 or later, there is a bug that makes it not work well with There’s a video which shows how to fix it. Basically, you go to a browser page called about:config [Warning! Don’t touch anything here unless you know what you’re doing.] You search for a configuration item called and set it to False. The instruction video is at Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software