FIX for sound coming out too quiet

More and more frequently, I’ve found myself, my residents, and my patients using iPads and iPhones have an issue where sometimes the audio defaults to the “phone” speaker instead of the main speaker. You can barely hear the other person when this happens. Refreshing the call, the browser, reentering the waiting room, none of it works reliably to fix the problem. This happens regardless of the version of Safari, Chrome, or iOS being used.

IT IS EASY TO FIX. Whoever’s device connected to the wrong speaker, just needs to turn their phone/iPad 90 degrees (either horizontal to vertical, or vertical to horizontal), and that immediately triggers the sound to come out of the correct speaker. You can switch back to your preferred layout (horizontal or vertical) once that sound has been fixed. It has saved me so much time!


I am having the same problem. On my PC, I have no audio - EVER. Either I can’t hear them or they can’t hear me. I do the call pretest and everything works fine. But on my patient’s side it says I am on mute, even though on my side I am NOT on mute. Also happens vice-versa. But under NO circumstances do I ever have working audio on my PC anymore. I used to have audio. All updates are done. Always works on my Android, but I really prefer to be on my computer, because if a call comes in on either side we lose audio until we exit out and come back in. Seriously, how can this site be the top recommendation on the APA site? It is a terrible way to take up 10 or 15 precious minutes of a session, and extremely disruptive to the process!

Thank you for this tip! I’ve had this happen and could not figure out how to change to the external speaker.