For photo for profile, take a photo from camera

I suggest letting us take a still shot from the current camera and use that easily as our profile photo – and ideally with fewer steps; perhaps an option pops up that asks “Take a picture now to use as your profile photo?” and then asking if the picture is acceptable or need to retake, etc.
(The current system – when I began at least – requires uploading a photo from our computer somehow – which requires lots of steps.)
Cheers! Brad

Thanks for the great feedback! Currently uses Gravatar for the profile pic.

Oh that’s right. That was a LOT of extra steps, setting up account etc
I like having a profile pic but it almost wasn’t worth the work.
thank you!!
(You all have great customer support by the way!)

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I agree that setting up a gravatar is excessively complicated and not worth the effort. I am an advanced user so I could understand the process, but it is entirely foreign to my field of attention. I am not interested in having another complicated membership to manage something so simple for one-off usage.
I recommend brad-manning’s suggestion

This has been a request we have seen before and our development team is aware of! I have also been an advocate of being able to upload a picture without using Gravatar. Hopefully we will see this feature in the near future!

Thank you.