Free Doxy useage

Doxy says cost of telemedicine should not be a reason not to use it. How can the low monthly cost be an impediment? I have colleagues who refuse to pay
even $35 monthly, yet they see many patients a week here. Given the ongoing tech problems, Doxy could use the funds from all users paying for service to improve their service for all. What is your opinion?

I completely understand if someone doesn’t have the funds to pay, but I agree with the writer of this post. I appreciate all that Doxy is doing to make this system as glitch free as possible (which is daunting considering the various operating systems/browsers/internet speed that different users have. To me, $35 is well worth the cost.

Hi Dr. Friedman, thank you for writing in. We have a free telemedicine version you are welcome to use. And in fact, most of our customers utilize the free service. We do this because we believe cost should not be a barrier to conducting telemedicine.

Technical glitches are inherent in sophisticated systems such as ours, but trust me when I say it - all of our people are working to make our system the easiest and most reliable telemedicine system possible. That’s all we do, and all we think about. We put the money we generate from our paid versions back into making the product better for everyone.

For specific technical issues please do reach out to our amazing support team and we will help.

I started with free Dox and after one month, moved over to paying $35 a month because I believe in giving something back to Doxy. . Clearly, it needs the money to improve.

You say you are putting the monies from us, the paying members, into making Doxy a great service. You said most practitioners are not paying. Huh? Doesn’t that slow things down?

We are experiencing frustrating technical problems that Apple or Google could fix in record time…because they have lots of money to make it

Today, I had repeated problems and many others did. I Had to move to another video platform twice today. Patients were frustrated.

I cannot understand the logic of allowing practitioners to make money here and give bing nothing to Doxy. Also, you invite me to join the free practitioners! How is that going to help Doxy?

I’m puzzled by this. What if we all moved to freeDoxy?

I’m frustrated at how slowly improvements are occurring. and I now realize improvements could be accelerated if all paid their fair share at $35 monthly.

I appeal to all practitioners to voluntarily shift to paying Doxy.

Anyone else feel this way?

Although I pay for Doxy, the service is still unreliable and I have to move to another platform (zoom, facetime, phone call) with my client / patient, at this point, about one to four times a week. There have been improvements since March but not enough that I don’t wonder every day if my clients and I will be working on reaching each other instead of working on the issues that bring them here. I can’t help but think I have paid for service that was not delivered. Perhaps some tiered payment based on frequency of use? Presumably anyone on Doxy is getting paid for their services. If the session is gratis, perhaps a system to apply for free service?

I myself have had very few technical problems with Doxy, which I’ve been using since April. I found that following Doxy’s excellent troubleshooting recommendations and coaching my clients to do the same helped a lot.

I myself appreciate that Doxy offers both free and paid versions. Frankly, as a practice building consultant, I know that it’s smart marketing to offer a “free taste” the way they do at an ice cream store. And it’s also a service to colleagues who are just getting started and for whom the fee may feel like a more significant impediment than it does to those of us who are established.


I think you might not be aware that Doxy free is not a “free taste” as you mentioned. That would be sensible

The issue is that Doxy allows providers and others to use it’s video
platform ongoing for free without ever paying their fair share.

I am suggesting (to management). that a month of free is good but after that anyone of us can afford the $35 a month fee, which would be used to accelerate engineering and development bringing it up to industry standards, such as FaceTime or Zoom.

the Co-founder replied, in part, that the $35 fee goes to improve the level of service. Great.

I appeal to all users to pay Doxy the $35 a month.

Do you have any suggestions?