Frequent brief freezing of picture and sound

For a few days sessions have regularly been interrupted by a few seconds freeze on both ends. My internet speeds are excellent. Is this a Doxy server problem or what? Any ideas for help?

I’ve found that this often happens when the patient is on a wifi connection with low signal strength because they are relatively far away from the router or access point (AP). When I’ve had them move closer the problem goes away. You can check the patient’s signal strength with the menu icon next the the patient.

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Thanks for that idea. What solved the problem was unplugging and restarting both my router and modem. (Perhaps restarting router would have been sufficient.)


Both of those suggestions will help, moving physically closer to the AP (router) and also refreshing the router itself. Also make sure it is a not a very old router and may be worth making sure you are updating the firmware on the router as well.

Thank you. That might be the problem and solution.