Frequent connection nissues - is internet speed requirement more stringent?

Of late I have been having issues connecting / starting sessions. I find if patients don’t have a very fast connection, then often I have to keep reloading the page just to begin the session. Even then video and audio quality isn’t good.
It is as if Doxy is now more stringent and requires really high speed connections which not every one has.
I find with the same speed, a Whatsapp Video call or Zoom video call gives better results.

Is there some way Doxyme could be friendlier to those without high speed internet?


I’m having same problem! Worst with pro vs the free doxy


Safari does not work, Firefox is fair. The picture is not clear, the sound becomes static at times.
What happened?

Same problem here. This seems to have developed over the last couple of months. Much harder to connect, freezes frequently or can’t log in. Something changed.

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Hi all, I’m sorry to hear of these troubles. On a whole, we do not have any data to suggest there has been a systemic drop in connectivity/quality in the service (actually our data suggests things have become better). That said, I believe your stories and I would like to help.

It’s true there are some differences between and those services. The main difference being we are peer-to-peer, meaning we do not use a server to unencrypt and then decrypt your data before sending it off again. The other difference is how we set video resolution and framerate. If you know you are meeting with someone with low bandwidth I would suggest setting your default quality to be LD (rather than SD/HD) as described here: Video Resolution: Overview | Help Center

Because these are usually specific to circumstances and wide-ranging in causes it would be ideal for you to reach out to our to get individualized support and we can pinpoint what is going wrong in each circumstance.

Some helpful links in the meantime:

I’m sorry I can’t give more specific information to help through this discussion board post, but do please reach out to support and we will help.