Frozen screen for 5-10 seconds several times a session

I have been experiencing frequent short screen freezes this week. Anyone else? I switched from my Windows laptop on Crome to my Ipad and used Safari which seemed to help, but then it started happening on my Ipad too. So frustrating. Can anyone help? My internet connection is blazing fast on the download and upload.

Thank you for posting, @davidbarrylmhc4336. I will take a look at the back end details on some of your calls to see if I can spot the problem. If you can give me specific dates and times that these problems occurred, that would help narrow my focus to the appropriate calls.

Thanks Cullen. I was dealing with it most of Tuesday 10-1 and 5-8. I also had it happen yesterday 4-8

Hello Cullen.

Can I get an update from you. The issue has gotten much worse. I have not been able to use doxy at all. As soon as a session starts freezing it persists every minute or so for about 5-10 seconds at a time. My wife and I will need to move to another platform soon if this is not resolved.

Hi @davidbarrylmhc4336, we’re still looking into the calls, but we have not yet isolated the issue that could be causing the freezing issues. Are you on a network with a lot of other devices that are using bandwidth?

Hi Cullen. I work from home with my wife. On occasion my daughter is also on the network. So 3 users at the most. We have high speed internet with a 90 mb download and 20 mb upload speed.

I’m having the same problem, frozen screen for most of the day all this week,

Same here - every session had at least a few seconds/instances of freezing - I had to use backup platforms several times so far this week.
For one session neither my pt or I could even log in - it just stayed on the home/login screen.

I have also had problems with screen freezing and no sound at the beginning of several sessions today. Happened on both laptop and desktop. Had to restart a few times before it would work. A couple times had no success.

Thank you everyone for your comments. I have emailed you each individually to start a support conversation so I can try to help fix your issues.

No one on this post except @rkare has experienced this freezing due to Safari 15, but this issue with Safari 15 is known and a workaround when encountering that issue is to use another browser such as Chrome or Firefox. You can find some additional detail about that issue and subscribe to updates on our status page. @rkare, I responded to your other post for that issue as you saw.