Gallery View in PRO version


I see in the forum that there were requests made for Gallery view options way back at the start of the year. Has this feature been developed and implemented yet? If not, what is the ETA? This is such an important necessity while working with more than one individual at a time.

no idea what gallery view is but Im wondering how many people I can have sign in from diff. devices for a session on the pro if anyone has an answer for that

Hi there. Gallery view is certainly a feature that our development team wants to have available to our subscribers. Unfortunately, at this time there is no specific timeline at to when the gallery view will be released. We hear you on it’s importance and truly appreciate your feedback. Stay well.

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Hi Gwen,

Thank you for responding to my inquiry.
It is indeed unfortunate that there is no timeline for the release of gallery view, especially since there have been requests from several users since the start of the year and it has become industry standard on video-conferencing platforms. As a provider of services, I have to pay attention to the needs and ease of use for my customers, and as this is a highly requested and important feature when meeting with more than one person, I have to consider other options.
Although I value consistency and continuity, the unavailability of this feature as well as the increased frequency of poor quality of calls, pushes me closer towards ending my subscription with doxy.


We completely understand that you have to find a platform that fits you and your patient’s needs. Just know that we hear you and know that this is an important feature to many of our subscribers. If you have having poor quality calls, please reach out to customer support right away so that we can pinpoint what is going on. You should not be having regular issues. I conduct tests calls each day with patients and providrs and rarely are there issues. We truly want you and your patients to have the best experience. Stay well.

I am a psychotherapist. In my practice I see individuals, couples and families. Sometimes partners or family members are in different locations. It would be very helpful to see both partners or all family members at once so that I can judge how they are reacting to one another. It is much less helpful to only have the speaker on screen while the while the other people’s image is small and to the side. This is an option available on Zoom. How soon will this be available?

Hello! We will be releasing gallery view tomorrow! Ask for beta access. Please let us know about any improvements/suggestions on this thread: Gallery View Beta

First let me say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
I have been using Gallery View for 2 weeks now. I have three therapy groups. The members in my groups live not only in the Houston, TX area, but some who have moved to other towns or cities in Texas. Gallery view provides a much better visual connection for all of us.

I have a suggestion. one of my groups has 8 members and me on the screen. If a member comes to the waiting room late and I have clicked on the button that enables the group to be seen in full screen, I don’t know if or when a late member is in the waiting room. Can you have a small notice about who has arrived be placed on the screen where the original screen shows who is in the waiting room? It would help. Though I get notification via text when someone enters the waiting room, I am usually concentrating on what is going on in the group and may not see or hear the notification from my phone.

Unfortunately, do to issues that members may have with the internet, members may be dropped and have to reenter the group. This has happened numerous times in some of my group sessions.

Thanks for all you are doing to improve for all of us. Stay safe and be well.

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