Gallery view needed

Is it possible to create a gallery view on Doxy. I would be very helpful for couples/group work


I second. And many others have also requested this. There’s another thread out there somewhere. But I’m glad someone else is calling for this.


Strongly agree - I purchased upgrade specifically for group therapy and relationship counseling. I have seen a few threads about the need for gallery view to make these multi-party treatment modalities work over Given how important this feature is for clinicians, I urge the doxy team to prioritize this update and to provide us with a prediction of when it will come out. Thanks!

Hi there,

We are working on trying to add the Gallery View for the group calls. I do not have a date for release but please know we are actively looking into this. One of the recent enhancement we did have for group calls is the following: Another very popular request: In group calls, the person speaking will now automatically become the largest video feed .

We are always looking to improve things, apologies we dont have this gallery view available for you right now but we do hope to have it in the future.