Gallery view needed

Is it possible to create a gallery view on Doxy. I would be very helpful for couples/group work


I second. And many others have also requested this. There’s another thread out there somewhere. But I’m glad someone else is calling for this.


Strongly agree - I purchased upgrade specifically for group therapy and relationship counseling. I have seen a few threads about the need for gallery view to make these multi-party treatment modalities work over Given how important this feature is for clinicians, I urge the doxy team to prioritize this update and to provide us with a prediction of when it will come out. Thanks!

Hi there,

We are working on trying to add the Gallery View for the group calls. I do not have a date for release but please know we are actively looking into this. One of the recent enhancement we did have for group calls is the following: Another very popular request: In group calls, the person speaking will now automatically become the largest video feed .

We are always looking to improve things, apologies we dont have this gallery view available for you right now but we do hope to have it in the future.

The other thread (that was mentioned) is in the “Feature Request” section, I posted there about my frustration with trying to work with more than one video stream at once with couple or particularly family therapy. It’s helpful to know that the speaker is now the largest feed (as apparently it used to be in the past). But the gallery view is critical, we need to be able to see the faces of multiple people at once, because non-verbal responses to a speaker (or even during silence) is critical. It doesn’t work to have to be click-click-clicking through the thumbnails to see different faces, it requires too much of my focus. I dropped the Pro version because of these issues-- Doxy works well for individual therapy. I would certainly consider re-upping my Pro subscription if gallery view is added.

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I want to acknowledge that the active speaker ability is a great improvement. Sometimes that is best. But I can’t agree with @BarryW enough for all the reasons mentioned. PLEASE GET GALLERY VIEW!

We do appreciate the feedback and Gallery view is being looked at right now by the development team. We did recently turn on the whomever is speaking is brought to the front. as soon as we have Gallery view available we will make an announcement to everyone!

Thank you, Colin.

Yes, kudos to the team for implementing speaker view (or bringing it back).

And encouragement for gallery view. Any sense of timeframe?

Hi Grace,

I’m afraid I don’t have an exact date and i’d feel bad committing to a specific time and not having it ready then. However, please know our development team is actively working on it and we are hoping for a release in the next few months. We will make a full announcement on the forum when it is ready though.

Thank you for your honesty, Colin. Fingers crossed for a few months, then.

I am glad to hear there is a conversation started about this, and that there is a fix already in motion. Yes, please keep us informed. I just want to keep the conversation going and add my voice in encouragement for the gallery view. I have been working through several unsatisfactory platforms during COVID-19 and have been very pleased with DoxyMe, specifically for it’s ease of use, good image quality, and less delay in transmitting information. I offer parent classes during this time over the computer, and gallery view is such a validating support for parents. Being able to see the facial expressions and responses from other parents as they discuss their successes and challenges is important. Thanks for your attention to this.

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Yes, I totally a agree that a gallery is required for proper therapy. I would like to know if there is a schedule for this required feature.

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Yes, Gallery view is a must. I recently facilitated a group of 10 on Initially, the speaker was in the large picture, but as more participants began to share they would not move to the large screen. Participants in the smaller squares are essentially impossible to read when observing for emotional reactions and body language. As it is today, the Group function is not tenable for group therapy.

Hi, we will be releasing gallery view tomorrow! Ask for beta access. Please let us know about any improvements/suggestions on this thread: Gallery View Beta