Getting to know Dylan


Hi I’m Dylan, the guy naive enough to go along with Brandon’s crazy idea for a free telemedicine app :wink: If goes down or breaks, I’m probably the one to blame (be nice!). was not my first attempt at starting a business, it wasn’t my second, or third… but 7th! My first profitable company was actually a baking business. My last year of college at the University of Utah (Entrepreneurship degree), our professor told us that if we created a business that was profitable we would get an automatic A. So being the sensible businessman I am, I thought “What is the highest margin product I can make”? that way if I am only able to sell even a little bit I’ll still be profitable.

I found my answer in scones. Scones are one of the more simple things to bake. All you need is flour, butter and some leavening and you can sell them for $2 a pop. So after trying a few different recipes I found online I settled for the one I liked best and started selling them wholesale to the student run cafe on campus. First day they sold out. Next day made more, same thing. By the end of the week I was selling a couple dozen everyday. I ended up diversifying quite a bit, making all sorts of baked goods: donuts, eclairs, banana bread (my favorite). Needless to say I got a A at the end of the semester. I kept the business going after I graduated eventually doing catering and private events.

I’ve really enjoyed working on the past few years. It’s been amazing to see all the people we’ve been able to help. I might never be a doctor or provide care, but I get a kick out of knowing what I do everyday enables people from all over the world to get care from their provider. So thank you for doing what you do and improving people’s lives!



Hi Dylan- that is such a great story … you are a born entrepreneur. I am trying to figure out whether or not to switch over to doxy,me from another telehealth platform. I signed up before going on a 3-day lecture that I was presenting. Now I have to go back into my account to see hpw this all works again! HA!


Hey! Thank you!

We give you access to our Premium support and features for free for the first 30 days so if you need and one-on-one help feel free to ping us on the live chat support. Otherwise we’ve got the help center and our youtube videos that are great resources to get started!


Dylan: I test drove your site the other night and I love it. I have 3 questions:

  1. Do you have a calendar feature for clinicians

2)Once patients y are in the room, is that the only way to bill patients, be it for co-pays or the like?

  1. DP you have a website search feature or am I to depend on traffic coming from my own website:, psychology today or like website?

Bestw ishes,




  1. No we don’t. But since they way your patient will meet you is just a link, we are very easy to incorporate into any scheduling system. Learn more here

  2. We do have a simple CC processing system built in. See more here

  3. We don’t have this. But you are more than welcome to marketing your telemedicine ability on any other service. We have lots of marketing ideas here