Gray screen for me, ok for client

Once today and once last Thursday I had the experience of it looking like the video was going to start, but just having gray screen and no sound. I messaged the clients who could see and hear me, and themselves. They each tried to restart, and the one today told me she gave all of the permissions, and then was asked for them again, which had never happened before. Both of these people are recurring clients with no prior issues between us using We finally gave up and did phone sessions instead. Thoughts???

I too had this problem with 4 or so clients last week. But it happened toward the end of the sessions. Gray screen on my end. Clients could see and hear me; I could only hear them. Then whole thing froze and we had to move to phone. I was using chrome and it happened both prior to and after I updated the chrome browser on my macbook air. I’m going to try to use safari this week.

Had exactly the same problem with 2 clients today. Appeared to be starting and then just a grey screen. They could see and hear me but I could neither hear or see them. Tried restarting multiple times to no avail. Looking into other service providers. This is UNACCEPTABLE! Have had problems before but never this bad.

I too had this exact thing happen today - have been using doxy for 6 months and this has not happened before. Tried a number of things and had to give up and switch to telephone for today. Also a repeat client who did not have issues in the past.

I also had this twice today, had to use Doximity video for those visits. That also didn’t work the first time and I was about to retreat to Zoom when Doximity worked.

Thank you for the information. Firefox did a new release on the 25th which could be the cause of audio/video issues. Are any of you clients using the Firefox browser?

The issue appears to occur when one participant is using firefox and the other is using chrome. We are working very hard to correct this issue. You can follow the latest updates on this issue on our status page,

When I follow the support link, it recommends using Chrome, but when I try to use chrome, it tells me this is an ‘unsupported browser.’ What do you recommend now?

This same issue continues to plague work with some clients. Has there been any further resolution? Thank you.

What results do you get when you conduct the precall test? How old is the computer that you are using?
I would reach out to customer support so that they can troubleshoot with you.