Group Call Bugs

I have had a few group calls now that have not gone well. What happens is at least one person cannot hear and/or see at least one other person in the call. In a couple of cases, they haven’t been able to hear and/or see me. The other clients in the call can both see and hear everyone, so I’ve been able to make it work by having one of them communicate what is said to the one person who is having the problem. However, it’s not hard to imagine a situation where a client is in distress and would not appreciate this at all.

I feel like this is something that Doxy needs to make a high priority.


Hi Brian,

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I noticed in your recent sessions, some of your participants in the call had a mix of inconsistent connection as well as lower bitrate which could attribute to audio cutting out during the session. However, there are some things we can do to help stabilize a call.
Please note, improving call quality & stability is our top priority!

I had the same issues. We had three people in a call and two could not hear each other. I had to repeat what one person said for the other to hear it.

This needs to be looked at.



Our clinic is also experiencing this issue. We primarily provide counseling services and recently group supervision meetings and group counseling sessions have reported constant bugs. We have tried the different tips such as lowering resolution of video calls, but it hasn’t improved.

I agree that this should be a top priority specially during this sensitive time.


Hey Max,

Thanks for responding. I tried resyncing a group call the way you suggested. Funny thing about that… it created duplicates of everyone on the call and froze the call. I had to refresh the screen and reinvite everyone to the call. Even after all of that, one of the people in the call still could not hear me, so I still had to have someone else relay what I was saying to the caller.

Hello again,

We had another meeting yesterday were the call had to be restarted 5 times and left our counselors, and clients, very frustrated. We understand that internet connection is an issue right now given the high demand for telehealth. However, we are running out of troubleshooting options with, and are highly considering exploring other options. This would now have cause us additional expense for which we don’t have budget. Very unfortunate!

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I am pleased with the ease of using Doxy for individual sessions. However, I was unable to conduct my first group session last week. I need to add 7 people to the session. After adding the first few, they were bounced back to the waiting room or queue as I added more people. I tried refreshing the page and even had everyone including me, log out completely and start over. The same thing happened each time. It was really disappointing and frustrating. Also, my dashboard does not look like the one shown in the Group Call video nor do I see some of the options shown in the “call settings” modal. I have a Professional subscription and would love to have a screen share help session to resolve these issues before my next group session.

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Having the same problem as others on the thread-- individual one-one calls see to work fine, but with multiple users, one or more has an audio problem.

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I have not yet been able to conduct a session with two clients at the same time. This is one of the only reasons I’m paying for doxy is this function. My clients are getting so frustrated and I cannot blame them. I HATE going to zoom and want to stay with doxy. But I need a fix for this. Please help.

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I am facing the similar problem with Group calling. One of the patient could not hear other person on the call. We tried few things like Restart to Sync Video, Browser Refresh but none of these worked. This is very important for the use case we bought the Clinic license. Please look into it.

I am really getting frustrated as are my patients when I have more than one patient calling in. They frequently get dropped or freeze up and we have to restart or end the call. The one-on-one sessions are going better, but I am concerned about the frequency of problems when doing couples/two household meetings is going to cost me my clientele. I find myself having none of these problems when other professionals involve me in zoom calls. Now, with telehealth relaxing HIPAA. I really wonder if I want to look at another platform. What I HATE the most is that there is no help desk. Just these weird email/blog options.

I am really hoping someone with this company cares enough about my group practice to want to call me. Jean Deters


I’m having similar problems and thinking of dropping service. Has anyone received any help with this issue?


I am having these very same issues. This clients like the ease of the link but the connections for group has been poor while one on ones go relatively well.

Speaking as the ‘owner’ in a Clinic subscription with nearly 300 providers, I was excited to hear that had some group call improvements the past week. That had been a common complaint.

So I asked my staff “Hey, can you give me some feedback trying the Group Calls-- I heard they were improved?”. Unfortunately, even after the update, I hear the same problems.
Some comments from my staff:

“1. Tuesday 5/12, 2 pm. 3 people on the call. At some point during the call, another participant (not the person whose link we were using) could no longer hear me.
2. Wednesday 5/13, 1:15 pm, 3 people on the call. Using my Doxy link. After adding a third person, the second person could no longer hear me. But, could hear the third person. The third person was able to hear me and the second person.”

" 5/13 - I find myself running into the same problem. It appears that when I am joining into someone else’s doxy meeting, the other participant (parent) cannot hear me. At times, problem is resolved by exiting doxy call and returning. However, on one occasion, this created a different problem in which parent was then able to hear me but not the original doxy host. Just yesterday, call started out fine and then a few minutes into it, parent could no longer hear me."

"5/13 - I used Doxy twice yesterday with 3 users in each room. My 9:30a appointment went fine. However, my 10:30a appointment was bad. The client couldn’t hear us. "

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This week I had two sets of couples who wanted a video session, but each partner had to call from a separate location, so I sprang for the pro version of doxy so we could have group sessions. In both cases, the same thing happened. Both partners could see me fine and we could see one fine, but with the other partner, using a phone in her car, all we could see was her dashboard. She was unable to get the camera turned around like she would do when taking a selfie. She could turn the phone around, of course, but then she would not be able to see us. At first I thought the problem was the person not knowing how to use the phone, but then the exact same thing happened with another couple in a different session.

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Hey all, wondering how it works to upgrade to Clinic version. We have a model where NPs start some visits and physicians may want to come in later. That doesn’t really work on professional, so we’re trying to explore using Clinic. If we have several providers using the same clinic (4 NPs and 4-5 attendings), can multiple folks see different people at the same time?

And generally speaking, it sounds like we can’t overcome the issues that occur with having multiple people on at the same time. Does Clinic allow the tandem contact with different providers for the same patient?

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Thanks, for the response!

Same problems with group calls (host + 2 others)… this really needs to work… please & thanks.

This issue has been ongoing for my coworkers and I for the past few months, since we started using At this point, I cannot say that I have had a single group call without issue. I am really hoping that is working on a solution.

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I am having the same problem, trying to do group therapy. It’s been extremely frustrating for my clients and for me. I’ve tried resyncing the call, and requesting that my clients get on a laptop instead of a phone or tablet. Nothing seems to help much. There is always someone who cannot see or hear someone else. Very frustrating, especially since I can’t find anyone to give me technical support, even though I’m paying for the monthly premium service.