Group Call Feature Requests

  1. Is there any discussion on having the capability of having more than 10 participants on a group call?
  2. It would be helpful when in a group call to be able to send a message to the entire group rather than each individual participant.
  3. Can you make it so the provider can mute & unmute everyone in the group call at one time?

Hi there!

Thank you for writing in and sharing your thoughts on where we can improve. We are really excited to be able to add more than 10 people on a call the future. Thank you for your workflow improvements on how to make group calls a more enjoyable experience. Our team monitors this board to ensure that your voice is heard!

Paige Treadway

I use Doxy to host weekly groups, and some of the members are interested in sending messages to the entire group like you can do with other platforms like Zoom. Is it possible to send messages to everyone at once with this program?


We’re planning to use for group therapy visits, and would also be very interested in group chat functionality and the ability to have 15 participants on one call. We’d also like the ability to send a document to all participants on the call, rather than sending one at a time.

When can we expect to be able to have more than 10 participants on group calls?

Thanks for your question, @nancymcctest. We do have up to 25 people in beta that I could enable for you if you like, but I don’t have a timeline at the moment for when it will be fully ready for us to release to everyone.