GROUP CALL Questions

I am preparing for a group appointment with 10 attendees. I have questions.
I assume the attendees cannot see each other videos or info, correct?

Also, 10 max atendees in the group, does it include the host? or host plus 10 callers?

I would appreciate if anyone can answer me.

Thank you for posting, @ecarenow. In a group call, all attendees can see each other and each other’s names. 10 participants maximum includes the host, so it is host + 9. I hope this addresses your questions.

Thank you for your reply. In that cases how is it HIPAA compliant if all patients are are fully displayed to each other?

Thank you for your comment, @ecarenow. Group calls are not used when PHI is a concern. Most often they are used for group therapy, for family members in different locations, for interpreters, and for consulting providers.

I’m not sure what outcome you are trying to achieve using group calls; could you give us some more detail on the job you’re trying to accomplish?