Group call sound issues for some

When conducting a group call in the pro version, I’ve encountered sound issues. It’s happened with separate group calls on different days involving different people and different devices.

A and B are on established call. C gets invited in. A and C can hear everyone, but B can’t hear C. (B can still hear A)

We’ve checked all mics, restarted browsers, etc. The only thing that sort of worked was me ending the call and sending brand new links. This is not a feasible option.


I am having the same difficulties. Have you been able to find a work around, other than resending a link?

The only workaround I’ve discovered is to mute all participants except the person presently talking. One can easily mute/unmute their mic by tapping the space bar on their computer keyboard.

tHANK YOU FOR THE WORK AROUND. I will try having all mics muted except the person speaking.

Sorry about the audio issues on a group call. You don’t need to end the call, try the Call Sync button!

If video or audio issues arise during a call,

  1. Open Settings icon in lower center of screen
  2. Select Restart call to sync video

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I experienced the same issues. I’m not sure how to solve the problem but it makes the service useless

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Doxy team,
What is the best way to invite—my staff: MA, scribe, etc.—to be the second/third callers?
They cannot log in as me, and you don’t have a “physician staff” option…Send them a patient link?
We have had the same issues with call sound issues as well, in spite of “syncing “.
Thank you!