Group call with five or more FAILED

Tried doing remote group therapy tonight and was only allowed to add 4 patients to the call. I have a pro account. I thought we have the capacity for up to 10. What happened? I need to figure this out quickly. Another session tomorrow.


I experienced the same this morning. The only reason I went from FREE to PRO is for the option of having 10 for my group.

I also got the pro so that I could have a group of more than five. It was advertised as up to 10. Is this accurate?

Tried a call with 6 people last night and it was terrible. Bad audio and visual. I paid for the Pro version so I could make sure to have good connectivity for individuals and groups.

Does anyone know how to get a split screen of two patients? I do couple therapy and need to see them both on the big screen, not one big and the other on a thumbnail. Assume similar kind of issues for group.
Iā€™m curious about your responses because I, too, want to do group. What other choices do we have in this current national crisis?

ATTEMPTED 2 groups yesterday evening. 3 clients was stable. Any more than that and people were dropping out. I conduct 4 groups a week. Went pro about 10 days ago. I need to conduct groups with higher numbers.

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