Group calling feature


Group calling 3+ on a call seems to be a highly requested feature. If you think so give this post a like. That way we can see which features people need the most!


Specifically, tell us:

  • what type of care you provide that requires more than 3 people on a call?
  • how many people do you need multi-party call to support?
  • what features will be essential to you on a group call (screenshare, mute control, whiteboard, text chat)?
  • what current software is analgous to what you need (i.e. WebEx)
  • anything else that would help us design the best group call solution for you


I would use this for psychoeducational groups – anger management, stress management, smoking cessation, etc. I keep these groups between 5 and 10 participants. It would be important to have a simple screen and the ability to turn off features. For example, in some groups having having text chat is very distracting and tells me certain participants really aren’t paying attention. Mute control would be critical. There always seems to be someone who has something going on in the background and cannot figure out how to mute themselves. I would also use screen share if it is available.


Great feedback! Thank you for the insight. Your right about mute control. I could definitely see that being a problem.


Type of care = Family Therapy with a family larger than 2 people and potentially participating from more than one or 2 locations. Co-Parenting with a split family (Mom & Dad divorced and remarried – all participate in parenting).

How many people = The largest nuclear family I have worked with was 6 people though due to college, work, and hospitalization, they were in 3-4 different locations.

Essential features = video, mute (for each). the otters features are great, but minimally video and mute features.

Current analogous software = Zoom

Anything else = No, that covers it. Thank you.


I will need it for group consultation on Psychotherapy.
3+ people
Sharing screen
Vsee has it.


I am a therapist that does group supervision. I have around 4 to 5 people in a group and would love group sessions. I really like the doc sharing and screen sharing feature also as we review videos as part of our process and I like to share materials.

Theraplatform is very enticing as they offer all of these things and a whiteboard and more for $40 a month.


I really like the white board idea!


I’m a Culinary Nutrition and Wellness Coach. I would like to be able to host up to 10 for group coaching and for cooking demonstrations. Being abe to control mute from my end as well as the client being able to do so is a plus. On the client end, I would like them to be able to mute microphone with a profile photo if they need to step away from session.

Screen share, white board, doc sharing and recording session capabilities is important for me as well. The client can review the material later on their time for added emphasis. I’m upgrading soon so hopefully these features are will be there when I come aboard. Sometimes the typing works well if a client needs to leave a session early.

This may seem like a lot to request but this is what your competitors like Zoom offers except it’s not HIPPA compliant.


I do groups and consultation calls that tend to run between 3-6 members. Ideally recording of the call for participants that miss screen share, mute, text chat are important. Zoom is platform using now.


Great feedback! Thank you! It’s important for us to know the different ways users use group calling. :slight_smile:


I provide psychoeducational workshops locally and want to reach people who cannot come to a specific location. A group tele meeting would be ideal. The ability to mute and a whiteboard definately. What about the ability to split a screen so the participants could view slides and see the presenter?


I would like to use the group set up feature for Family therapy sessions and group therapy sessions up to 8 participants. It would be a great feature to use and expand the usage of the online services. Thank you for listening!


A bit late responding … I, too, would like to be able to conduct groups. Psychoeducational in nature, 5-10 people, a mute feature. Nothing else very sophisticated.
Connie Porter-Richard


I was under the impression when I began looking at that it could be used to support a statewide support group for a rare genetic disorder so that family members could share information and receive information. I am not sure how many would participate definitely more than 3. As outof the woods mentioned, a simple screen would be best. This is something that is really needed.


I would provide group supervision for other therapists around the world. I would also provide case management in nearby towns…I live in a small rural community and often all providers are 30 or more miles apart so would be huge for face to face treatment planning meetings and case management. I would also like to provide group psychoeducational services for parenting classes or other targeted information.

I would need up to 10 people to put on the group call.

Would be great to have a white board or screen sharing as well as file transfer for groups as well as mute feature.

Right now many that I know use Zoom.



I would love to be able to use a group feature to run family sessions or group therapy, as well as group coaching. Screen sharing ability to mute would be great. And if there was a possibility for everyone to see each other whether live or just a picture that would be great. Muting as well is a good feature. I would probably have no more than 10 or 15 people.


Hi. I am a therapist and would love to use doxy to do group sessions with women regarding anxiety and healthy coping skills. Ideally it would be a group of no more than 6-8. Screen sharing, everyone seeing each other, as well as muting. It would also need a feature for each client to state that no one else was in the room…


I would love to be able to use for online support/psychotherapy groups for up to 10 people per group. I would need the following features beyond what I currently see in

  1. A way to control the audio of participants so I can mute/unmute them due to background noice/etc.
  2. A participant list with the ability for participants to “raise their hand” if they have something to contribute speak
    3)Whiteboard functionality

It seems like group calling is something is pursuing. Does anyone know if there is an estimated release date?


Hi there, we are planning on adding a group calling feature in August. But I’m not sure if we will support more than 5/6 people with this update. Once we get closer to the date we will know more for how many people can be supported.

Do all 10 people in your case need to have audio and video?

What types of devices will they be on? Mobile? Or laptop/desktop?

Whiteboard isn’t currently on our roadmap, but perhaps early next year.