Group calling feature

We’re going to do it! but might take us a little bit of time.


Dylan, Your tip allowed me to get 6 of the 7 members into the session but when I added the seventh, it began bumping members back to the waiting room. This is very frustrating. Today Colin emailed me some troubleshooting links for members and me to read & implement so that everyone’s equipment is well functioning before next week’s session.

Are other Pro subscribers successfully having group calls of 7 - 10 persons? Has Doxy’s team done it with consistent success?
How do you suggest I test this out with Doxy support staff so my patients and I do not have to suffer through another failed attempt?

@djohnsonaprn what kind of devices were all these folks using? The team does utilize up to 10 (actually 15 for us) frequently with the trick I mentioned. But we mostly use laptops and are connected to WiFi.

Depending on your patient population that might not be viable.

Is video required for everyone in the group? Perhaps try an audio only next time to start. And only have folks turn on video that needs it?

But I will be completely forthcoming, I do not believe 10-person calling to be the best large group service available. I think it can work for good devices and good internet. But if people are jumping on with a mobile phone on 3G, I’m not sure if it’s a good option. And I would hate for you, or anyone to suffer through a poor experience unnecessarily.

I would normally recommend Zoom for a large group, but Zoom’s recent security incidents are quite troubling. No wonder they can have better quality when they aren’t encrypting traffic :man_facepalming:

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I use the group feature for our clinic team meetings of 5-9 members. We’ve had 2 meetings to date. The first one had tech issues with a lot of freezing/pixelating. We eventually had to add the member by telephone only. This week we were a slightly smaller group and it seemed to work better. I think the features mentioned like screenshare, mute control, whiteboard all sound great. I wouldn’t want text for a therapy group necessarily but it might be useful for a meeting-eg sharing a link as someone is speaking about a resource.


Can you use the group feature with video with the free version or do you have to upgrade? And if you can use it on the free version, is there a time limit? I know on Zoom if you have three or more people on the video call you only have 40 minutes.

They are using desktops, laptops and one person an iPad. Yes, video is required as it is a psychotherapy group session. Were it a meeting, just audio would be fine. I considered Zoom initially but chose Doxy because Zoom is not HIPPA compliant and I am quite serious about patient confidentiality. I understand that Zoom has a HIPPA compliant product that is out of budget for my solo practice.

Wow all this discussion about using for group therapy is discouraging. I am wanting to get my 4 groups back up and running. I run a 9 member groups including me. Will work?

Group call in on our paid plans. No time limit on free or paid versions.

@Kris if they have modern devices and good bandwidth, and if you use the “trick” I mention here: Group calling feature

If a group member does not have a laptop can they get in the group via their phone?

Therapists who run groups would love this feature.

I think I’m posting 2 years after the question but just validating that this is a great feature. Wife my patient and husband wants to be on call too but at different location than wife. Daughter my patient but wants her mom to be in on what we discuss from a different location but also wants me to be able to pause what her mom hears. Wish I had that in real life when patient’s moms come in! :innocent:

We had this happen yesterday. Are you still having issues or did you get them resolved? The ‘trick’ that Dylan mentioned was not effective during my testing last night. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

I would use it for social skills groups with children. Typically my groups are 4-5 people. Would like to have a screen where we can all see each other equally (like the “gallery view” in zoom) rather than the “speaker mode” which reinforces impulsive social behavior (all the kids want to talk and interrupt to see themselves get big on the screen. On a group call, screen-share, whiteboard are essential for me. Thanks.

I have been attempting group now for three weeks. I have yet to run my groups with all members on video and audio at the same time. I have only been able to get them all on in audio capacity. As soon as more than two activate video someone in the group get booted out. So far my group experience gets 2 stars. Can anyone help?

Hello, New to Doxy. Does Free version allow a few participants in one call? Or is that considered a Group call feature that is included with paying plans?
thank you.

Would love to know the same-- Free Version Doxy – what is time limit for one on one session? Thank you!



Apr 3

Group call in on our paid plans. No time limit on free or paid versions<<<< Team Member

Apr 1

Hey @djohnsonaprn I do have a tip/trick for this. After you’ve added the 3rd person hit the gear icon then hit the “Sync video call ” button. Then continue to add folks as you would.

Give this a try on your next group call and left me now if that helps!>>>

Hi, Would this work with the Free Version?
thank you.

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