Group calling feature

I would really love this feature, with up to at least 6 connections, potentially 10, for group supervision, family therapy, or support groups. I like many of the features discussed above as well, with being able to mute or change the screens, and screen sharing.

I am also interested in where you are at with your originally proposed August date to try the feature?

For my purposes, everyone on the call should have the ability for live and simultaneous audio and video streaming. Ideally, the clinician would have the ability to mute participants if needed.

The devises would vary. Many of my clients meet with me via cell phone, but a fair amount also use a laptop or desktop computer.

Group supervision, 5-12 people.

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I would love to have this for collaborative meetings. 6 people would be enough. Ability to record would be a great addition.

Email if you would like to beta test 5-way calling!

Our group practice does peer supervision out of three offices. It’d be SO nice to be able to get everyone together in a group chat.

We’ve recently upgraded our 3-way calling to be up to 5 people (you and 4 participants). Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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I would like to use for support Group Counseling. This would require 4-6 people on the call.