Group Chat available?

Maybe I’m having trouble finding it, but there doesn’t appear to be a text chat feature while in a group call? I see a way to privately text a single participant, but no way for any group member to enter a written comment to anyone? (Professional level) Thanks, Paul

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Hi, being able to have a group chat would be particularly helpful. I’m leading multi-lingual groups and being able to message everyone at once (since I can’t speak all the languages) would be extremely helpful. It would also allow group members to communicate with everyone through the chat box.


We are looking into a group chat feature, we just need to be very careful with the hipaa compliance so patient cant see any other patient info. But we are looking into a general chat box providers may enter data into but patients would not be able to see each other. Its very early in our development, but please know we are looking into this feature, I unfortunately do not have an exact date for any release at this time. thanks!

Great! I look forward to that. I know a group chat feature would be helpful in multi-lingual groups–many who speak multiple languages but may or may not overlap. I’ve been messaging individuals, but this cuts up the greater group discussion. For continuity it would be great for a general chat where the provider and clients can all engage. I do understand about the HIPAA compliancy, so I appreciate your efforts to make this possible and HIPAA compliant!

Thanks Melissa, We hope to have this group chat feature for perhaps Q3 release, but again dont like to give an exact date of when available until I can be more certain. We always are careful when it comes to patient data, so we just like to test these new features and make sure no patient data is involved for the group chats. thanks!