Group - more than 2 participants at a time

We are moving our Oupatient PHP/IOP program to telehealth. We went ‘live’ today and had serious problems with video and audio. It appears once we added the third patient, the connection problems started. Is anyone else having these problems?

I have 4 groups. Three have 5 members and one has 7. At times I have not problems to start with. I have found that do to the internet providers throttling back on the speed available to accomodate so many people now using it during the crisis, people drop out and need to be invited back in. At one time I had 5 members spontaneously drop out. One of my groups meets in the morning. I have not had any problems during the morning hours so far.

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Yes same here
Had a group of 4 people
It wasn’t a good situation
Voice issues
Poor pic quality

Thanks for sharing about this.
I am trying to run a group with 6 people and I am also having trouble with the ‘group sharing’ part of this platform. My clients get dropped off and screens freeze regularly. Also trying to use Screenshare has been inconsistent. I just re read all of their instructions and am feeling no more informed or certain about its ability.

Hi, I believe that the problems are caused by a few things. First of all, there are many people on the internet at night. I have some of these problems at night, but not during the day. Internet providers seem to be throttling down the speed of the internet. When it gets too low, my clients drop and have to check back in. I have also had the clicking noise, and at times a group member can’t be heard. I have them disconnect and reconnect and we can then hear them most of the time. I don’t know how to get rid of the clicking noise. My hope is that as the current virus crisis has less impact that our problems get better or go away.

Yep almost all the time. Two usually ok. On Monday though I had 2 evals with 3 and they were fine. My 3rd session was awful and tried zoom then ended up finishing with phone. Seemed like they were fixing the more than 2 callers issue. Well at least till my 3rd eval!

I had the same problems with a group of 5 and even with a group of 3. I have the professional version. I am disappointed because I liked the fact that people don’t have to down load an app.