Group Video Call is Cumbersome and Poor Quality

Instead of beginning a group call as a group call, requires one other member to FIRST sign in, then clinician clicks on group call, the whole thing “resets” and everyone has to unblock cameras all over again. Then the quality is beyond poor. Is there a possibility to simply click on “group call” and add folks or let them add themselves??? Whomever programmed this is not being very direct or intuitive here.

Thank you for posting, @kirsten-rogoff, and for your suggestion for improvement. Can you tell me a little more about your use case so that we have the right context when developing solutions for the problems you’re encountering with group calls? What is it that you’re trying to accomplish using the group call feature?

I’m also sorry to hear that you are having issues with the quality of your group calls. The first two participants in the group call shouldn’t have to enable their cameras again either after the call re-syncs to be optimized for more participants. Can you write in to us via chat (bottom right corner of your dashboard) or via email ( about these issues with the date/time and the room URL for the calls where they occur so we can help troubleshoot?

  1. to start a group, an individual from group has to be signed in first before being able to use group chat. This is very awkward in a group psychotherapy setting. Should be able to start a group as a group chat from the beginning. The whole “resynching” “optimizing” thing is poor programming to begin with. Have a “start group” button and invite participants to group without that step if psychotherapy groups are going to work. I understand if a doctor talks to one person and may want to invite others in but this is a different use altogether.

2 When anyone gets logged in either as group or individual their cameras initially are all off until they turn them on. This can be confusing for those having limited technical abilities.

Thank you,


Thank you, again, for your feedback, @kirsten-rogoff. I’ve sent you a separate email so I can try to figure out how to resolve the issues you’re experiencing.